Delivering on the Promise of an Integrated Workspace for Genomic Testing

Disease doesn’t care where it comes from. It has no boundaries. Your genomic testing solution shouldn’t either. You need one, integrated platform to handle a range of genomic testing, from somatic to constitutional, from small panels to exome and whole genome. You need a partner who goes beyond the technology to handle the complexity of genomic testing, offering assays to complement your testing portfolio, validation and interpretation services.

Welcome to the one team on a single mission to provide clinical labs with the most boundless, integrated workspace in the industry.

Welcome to PierianDx.


One Mission.

To enable clinical labs to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine.

One Space.

One single, integrated platform for all your NGS testing needs.

One Team.

An experienced team of genomic industry leaders, researchers and developers unified by that mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Acquisition

PierianDx, the forerunner in clinical genomic analysis, interpretation and reporting, acquired Tute Genomics, a genomics software company based in Provo, UT. The transaction includes incorporating Tute leadership, advisors and developers into the PierianDx team, as well as combining the technology assets of the Tute Genomics Platform and Knome, which was acquired a year ago by Tute.

Reason Behind the Acquisition

There are two major reasons PierianDx acquired Tute – people and technology. First, we found tremendous alignment between our missions and teams. PierianDx’s thought leadership and expertise providing solutions for somatic cancer testing is equally balanced by Tute’s depth on the constitutional and exome side. Building on the “people synergy”, the Tute Genomics Platform complements PierianDx’s Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW) in many ways. The market has told us that clinical labs are seeking an integrated, comprehensive solution for all of their genomic testing needs, rather than fragmented, single-point solutions. The life threatening diseases our customers are fighting have no boundaries, and neither should their genomic testing platforms. This acquisition accelerates our ability to provide the most boundless, comprehensive and integrated solution for our customers.

Company and Platform Integration

We have already made strides to integrate our teams as rapidly as possible. The Tute leadership and development teams are already intimately involved in our organization, as are their advisors. PierianDx will maintain the Tute Genomics solution until the platforms are fully integrated into a new product release in the spring of 2017, which is expected to include:

  • Enhanced phenotype driven prioritization and filtering of variants

  • Multidimensional and parallel querying for complex modes of inheritance

Impact on Customers

This acquisition is a win-win for both Tute and PierianDx customers. Tute customers benefit from PierianDx’s clinical expertise in somatic cancer workflows developed and validated at Washington University in St. Louis. They also get access to a robust knowledgebase constantly updated by our curation team and access to a CLIA-certified lab offering a range of assays. PierianDx customers will greatly benefit from Tute’s expertise and legacy in constitutional, from small panels to exome and whole genome. By the spring of 2017 PierianDx customers will able to utilize expanded features in CGW 6.0 that will provide even greater workflow and analysis functionality for constitutional and exome testing.

Meet the Team

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