Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW): Accelerate Your NGS Testing with an End-to-End Integrated Workspace

Pierian DxPierianDx accelerates precision medicine by offering one space to handle a range of genomic testing, from somatic to constitutional, from small panels to whole exome or genome. During this webinar, PierianDx Chief Biomedical Informatics Officer Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan will provide an overview of CGW and illustrate how the industry leading platform seamlessly manages genomic data and workflow for each case, from variant analysis and classification to interpretation, reporting and final sign out. Nagarajan will discuss:

  • An overview of CGW key features and functions

  • How PierianDx’s knowledgebase helps to deliver clinically actionable results by leveraging millions of biomedical findings across multiple databases to analyze and classify each detected variant

  • Examples of actionable clinical reports, both somatic and constitutional

  • Customer case studies and how CGW has accelerated NGS testing programs, streamlined lab efficiencies and ultimately improved patient care