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Ilaria Fasanella

Ilaria Fasanella

Vice President, Commercial Development, EMEA 

Ilaria has a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a PhD in Molecular Bio-Pathology from the University of Calabria (Italy). During her PhD she spent some time as visiting fellow at the University Federico II in Naples (Italy) and then a year at the NIH. She then moved to the UK to do a Postdoc at the Marie Curie Research Institute.

Ilaria began working in the NGS field when she joined Roche Diagnostics UK in 2010 as part of the Application Support team, where she was instrumental in training and providing technical support to 454 Sequencing customers in the whole UK. Following that she moved into a more commercial role, where she was working with some of the key NGS accounts in the country.

Most recently she was responsible for the Northern Europe sales at SOPHiA Genetics, where she led her team to success by considerably boosting the sales pipeline and revenues. This experience allowed her to gain a greater insight into data analysis and personalised medicine.

Over the years she observed the challenges of clinical NGS change drastically as well as the end-users’ needs and pain points. It became very apparent to her that one of the areas where clinical labs are still struggling is clinical interpretation. That’s how she took an interest in PierianDx and why she joined this visionary and fast-growing company.

I’m very excited to be able to help clinical laboratories all over EMEA and provide them with a state-of-the-art tool that will certainly make their job considerably easier and as a result improve patients’ lives.”