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Wisdom in
Every Report

"A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring."
-Alexander Pope, 1709

Clinical data are easy to curate. Genomic knowledge is relatively straightforward to acquire. Artificial intelligence is, well…artificial.

Medical wisdom, on the other hand, is rooted deeply in experience. It comes from the immense learning we receive from success and failure, in lives saved and lives lost.

We share with our customers, our partners, and our investors a mission to improve patient lives and advance the field of medicine.

The Pierian spring, which in Greek mythology was a metaphorical source of wisdom and knowledge, symbolizes how we believe this mission can be accomplished: by learning from one another and sharing the deep wisdom that we collectively gain in this rapidly evolving field.

Our History: Pioneers in Precision Medicine

Invigorated by the sequencing of the human genome, breakthroughs in basic science are now delivering blockbuster therapies in cancer and other critical indications. A key player, Washington University in St. Louis, led the Human Genome Project and was among the first to validate and report its experience utilizing next generation sequencing clinically. While a leader at Washington University, PierianDx founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan was a critical innovator of technology-enabled solutions that allowed for processing and interpreting the near-overwhelming amounts of data created in “omic” analyses. The reputation and critical role of Washington University’s molecular diagnostics lab, as well as Dr. Nagarajan’s ongoing participation in key industry leadership groups such as the College of American Pathologists (CAP), has positioned PierianDx as a key enabler of precision medicine.

Human Genome Complete


Washington University in St. Louis plays a crucial role in the mapping of the first human genome.

Clinical Genomics Workspace is Born


Washington University creates CAP/CLIA lab for NGS testing. The Genetics and Molecular Pathology departments collaborate to develop Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW), groundbreaking software for clinical genomics.

PierianDx Established


Washington University performs a technology transfer after 50+ labs visit to learn how to operationalize clinical NGS testing. Key team members form PierianDx. 

Vision Achieves Funding


After two releases of CGW that offer multi-tenant and exome sequencing support, PierianDx closes Series A funding (14.2 million).

Burgeoning Partner Network


PierianDx has 40+ customers supported by nearly 70 medical, scientific, and technical experts.

NovaSeq -- Courtesy of Illumina
Partnership with Industry Leader, Illumina

Early 2019

PierianDx partners with Illumina to deliver optimized interpretation and reporting solutions for Illumina pan-cancer profiling assays.

Global Expansion photo by Kyle Glenn
Global Expansion

Mid 2019

PierianDx experiences rapid expansion into Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 1.20.37 PM
Mature Partner Network


A network of over 50 clinical institutions contribute knowledge via the partner sharing network.

Our Leadership

Rakesh Nagarajan, MD, PhD

Rakesh Nagarajan, MD, PhD

Founder, President, and Chief Technical and Visionary Officer

Mark bio

Mark McDonough

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Callahan

Chris Callahan

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President

James L. Starr

James L. Starr

Chief Financial Officier
Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Aditya Phatak

Aditya Phatak

General Manager India Office

Andy Bredemeyer, PhD

Andy Bredemeyer, PhD

Vice President, Product

Mukesh Sharma, PhD

Mukesh Sharma, PhD

Vice President, Product


Michelle Marcial, MBA, PMP

Michelle Marcial, MBA, PMP

Continuous Improvement Director
Will Moller, MS

Will Moller, MS

Vice President, Product
Ilaria Fasanella, PhD

Ilaria Fasanella, PhD

Vice President, Commercial Development, EMEA

Sumit Deshmukh

Sumit Deshmukh

Vice President, Product Development
Kyle Lovan

Kyle Lovan

Sr. Vice President, Sales, Business Development

headshot_s 2-2-1

Nabil Hafez

Regional Vice President of Commercial Development


Garreth Hippe, MBA

Vice President, Business Development
Cara Cheasick

Cara Cheasick

Regional Vice President of Commercial Development

George Buchanan

George Buchanan

Vice President, Commercial Transactions


Dale Watkins, PhD

Regional Vice President of Commercial Development, Asia Pacific Region

Pavan Kalantri

Pavan Kalantri

Chief Software Architect

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

Senior Vice President of Product Development

Dylan Pollard

Dylan Pollard

Regional Vice President of Commercial Development

Andy Dearing

Andy Dearing

Vice President, Customer Success

Board of Directors

Joseph Boorady


Interim Chief Executive Officer, PierianDx

Bryan Carey


Advisor, Health Catalyst Capital      

Fred Hessler


Retired Managing Director, Health Care Group, Citigroup

Kerry Propper


Co-founder and Managing Director, ATW Partners

Rakesh Nagarajan, MD, PhD


Founder, President, and Chief Technical and Visionary Officer, PierianDx

Other Key Investors

Charles Boorady

Founding Manager

Health Catalyst Capital

Cody Nystrom

Managing Director

SJF Ventures

Matthew Jenkins

Head, Corporate Development

RTI International

Anthony Meyer

Managing Member

Meyer Venture Partners


Work with Us!

PierianDx is looking for the best and brightest to join our fast-moving, creative and collaborative team. Join the team who is helping our clients fulfill the promise of personalized medicine.

Career Openings

Upcoming Events

We look forward to meeting you soon! Here's where we'll be next.

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AMP 2020
November 16-20, 2020
March 18-20, 2020
American Society of Clinical Oncology | Chicago, IL
May 31, 2019 - June 4, 2019
November 19-21,2020

What Some of Our Customers Say


"I knew that with the resources we had, there was no way to create something that would rival a system like the CGW. As we've set up reflex testing in various cancer types, we have been well supported to scale the massive undertaking..."

- Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD - Medical Director, University of Vermont Medical Center



“There's going to be a bottleneck in the professional component as well sometimes. PierianDx allowed us to widen that bottleneck and to have more uniformity of reporting.”

- Eric Loo, MD - Asst. Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock


“We chose PierianDx because their technology combined with expert scientific and clinical services will help accelerate TriCore’s ability to expand our NGS test offerings and provide enhanced clinically actionable information.

- Eric Carbonneau - Director Core Laboratory Operations, TriCore Reference Laboratories


“A new partnership with PierianDx expands our reporting to include current clinical trials and up-to- the-minute treatment options, all linked to NorthShore’s Electronic Medical Record.”

- NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Center 2017 Annual Report