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Pierian partners with clinicians and medical facilities to advance clinical genomics and modernize patient care.

Pierian Platform

1,000,000+ PubMed papers
15,500+ pages of device compliance documentation
300+ oncology practice guidelines
12,000+ pages of drug labels
23,000+ clinical trials
32,000+ pages of oncology practice guidelines (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO)
53MB+ Sequence Coverage
350,000+ Inferencing Rules
100,000+ Genomic Interpretations
34M+ Publications
1,250+ Somatic Genes Curated
Clinical Reporting & Data Analytics

The Pierian Clinical Sharing Network

140+ partner sites across the globe
Integrates direct inputs from clinicians

Aggregates data driving new insights in genomics


Designed for Clinical Workflows

All shared genomic interpretations in our Genomics Knowledgebase are expertly curated by our team, and the database is expanded to include clinical customer interpretations.

Customers also rely on our Interpretation Services at times. As the number of interpretations build over time, the focus on clinical significance remains consistent.

Clinical Report

Clinical Reporting and Sign-Out

Our board-certified medical directors oversee variant analyst services, sign out clinical reports, and support customers who have their own molecular pathologist or clinical geneticist to sign out. Our report template can be configured to meet your needs.

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Clinically Critical Summary Page

Summarize relevant biomarkers to associated tiers and therapies.

Concise Interpretations

Provide underlying evidence supporting biomarker-therapy associations.

Clinical Trial Associations

Report clinical trials that are patient-specific.

Two lab technicians working

HealthIT Integration

Our API and HL7 interfaces enable seamless integration with your institution's electronic medical record (EMR), laboratory information system (LIS), and enterprise data warehouse (EDW). This ensures results are delivered in the most timely and usable format. Accessible genomic data can then be combined with other data sources and utilized more effectively across your organization.

CGW In Action

Cover the full continuum of care from screening to therapy selection to monitoring with our disease, assay, instrument, and site agnostic platform.

Clinical Genomics Workspace
Advanced interpretation technology and clinical reporting
Genomic Knowledgebase
Global content and expert knowledge fueled by our powerful, rules-based engine
Professional Services
A range of services based on your capabilities, experience and overall needs.
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