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We offer the world’s most clinically robust, intelligent knowledgebase fueled by expert content curation, an extensive rules engine, and machine learning.

The Most Advanced Interpretation Technology

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350,000+ inferencing rules
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genomic interpretations
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1,250+ somatic genes curated
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34MM+ publications
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53MB+ sequence coverage

Our Global Knowledgebase

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More Than a Variant Lookup Table

The Genomic Knowledgebase is built on top of a powerful rules engine that intelligently considers global content and accurately delivers the richest set of rationalized medical interpretations. Content includes curated genomic data, clinical practice guidelines, drug labels, published results of clinical research, and information on recruiting clinical trials. 


Intelligently Up to Date

With real-time publishing of medical interpretations from our customers and weekly updates to therapy guidelines and clinical trials, our Genomics Knowledgebase contains the most up-to-date, clinically actionable information for NGS.

Diverse Sources of Genomic Data

Expertly Curated Content


Individual Biomarker associations with clinical evidence derived from:

  • FDA and EMA approved labels
  • NCCN, ASCO, and ESMO guidelines
  • PubMed literature
  • Active, recruiting trials from clinicaltrials.gov and EUCT
  • Clinical evidence synthesized into high-quality, ready-to-use interpretations

Real-World Medical Content

  • Medically signed-out interpretations and classifications from our Interpretation Services and partner sites

Public Data Sources


  • Human genome builds
  • Gene-RNA-protein models
  • gnomAD
  • COSMIC, TCGA, ClinVar, dbNSFP
  • PubMed literature search engine

Power your precision medicine program with our technology and comprehensive Genomics Knowledgebase.

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