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Wisdom in Gateway Laboratory Services

CLIA/CAP Gateway Laboratory Services

Rapidly bridge the gap between outsourcing and insourcing next generation sequencing testing with a comprehensive, turnkey menu of CLIA/CAP validated assays for cancer and germline testing.

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Next Generation Sequencing Menu

Your tests under your brand: leverage our robust menu of CLIA/CAP validated, turnkey assays that you can begin immediately offering to your providers and patients.

Flexible Insourcing Options

Under the CAP Distributive Model of Next Generation Sequencing Testing, our Laboratory Services offerings enable you to choose which components to insource for more rapid deployment of genomic testing in your institution.

Next Generation Sequencing Test Menu

Somatic Cancer Testing - Hybrid Capture

Somatic Cancer Testing - Ampliseq-Based

Hereditary/Germline Testing

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Flexible Insourcing Options

Above is a graphic of the next generation sequencing testing workflow. The CAP Distributive Model of Next Generation Sequencing Testing enables any CLIA/CAP lab to outsource individual components to one or more additional CLIA/CAP labs.

Advantages of the CAP Distributive Model for Next Generation Sequencing Testing

Lowers Risks and Costs

Begin insourcing genomic testing immediately without the upfront validation expenditures and while capital budgets are still being approved.

Rapid Learning

Develop core competencies and stronger collaboration with your clinical providers to better evaluate ordering patterns and learn which assays have the highest utility.

Controls Data Access

Access all raw and processed genomic data in discrete formats to begin building your repository of diagnostic validation samples and to facilitate subsequent serial testing for your patients.

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Blog: Learn Why Other Healthcare Organizations are Insourcing NGS Testing

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Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer

Webinar: Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer

A practiced based guide.

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CAP Distributive Model of Next Generation Sequencing Testing

CAP Distributive Model of NGS Testing

A rapid, economical approach to building your clinical next generation sequencing testing program.

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"I knew that with the resources we had, there was no way to create something that would rival a system like the CGW. As we've set up reflex testing in various cancer types, we have been well supported to scale the massive undertaking..."

- Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD - Medical Director, University of Vermont Medical Center



“There's going to be a bottleneck in the professional component as well sometimes. Pierian allowed us to widen that bottleneck and to have more uniformity of reporting.”

- Eric Loo, MD - Asst. Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock


“We chose Pierian because their technology combined with expert scientific and clinical services will help accelerate TriCore’s ability to expand our NGS test offerings and provide enhanced clinically actionable information.

- Eric Carbonneau - Director Core Laboratory Operations, TriCore Reference Laboratories


“A new partnership with Pierian expands our reporting to include current clinical trials and up-to- the-minute treatment options, all linked to NorthShore’s Electronic Medical Record.”

- NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Center 2017 Annual Report


Learn how we can help you rapidly and economically build your in-house clinical genomics testing menu.

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