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PierianDx Clinical Genomics Workspace

Next Generation Confidence.

Clinical Genomics Workspace helps you provide accurate, timely, and actionable results for patients.

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Developed initially by one of the first medical institutions to launch next generation sequencing tests for cancer and complex inherited diseases, Clinical Genomics Workspace provides a streamlined and clinically integrated software for the analysis, reporting, and delivery of genomic insights for more precise patient care.

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Key Features

Clinical Knowledgebase

A powerful rules engine delivers the richest set of expertly curated genomic data, clinical practice guidelines, FDA therapeutics, clinical trials, and medical interpretations from your institution and other Pierian customers so you can be confident that the results you deliver are clinically actionable, timely and complete.

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Clinical Workflow

Developed for clinical laboratories by clinical laboratories, Pierian's Clinical Genomics Workspace provides complete informatics, genomic interpretation, and reporting workflow support for cancer and germline molecular diagnostic testing applications.

Clinical Reporting

The layout, content, and delivery of molecular reports are critical for timely and effective patient care. Pierian's Clinical Genomics Workspace supports customizable and standardized reporting to ensure adherence with industry guidelines, while also making reports easy to understand and act upon by oncologists and other providers.  

HealthIT Integration

Pierian's API and HL7 interfaces enable seamless integration with your institution's electronic medical record (EMR), laboratory information system (LIS), and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to ensure results are delivered in the most timely and useable format and that genomic data are utilized more effectively throughout your health system. 

Quality and Speed

To speed analysis and to ensure you are delivering the highest quality reporting of next generation sequencing data, Clinical Genomics Workspace provides a robust and powerful set of quality control, data visualization, variant classification/prioritization, and data aggregation tools. 

Expert Support

Consider our team your team. With over 200 years of combined clinical genomics experience, we have an expertly trained staff of clinical bioinformaticists, variant scientists, implementation specialists, and a board certified medical director ready to help you build the most advanced genomic testing and precision medicine programs. 

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Clinical Genomics Workspace In Action

Join the Largest Clinical Interpretation Sharing Network

Over 100 leading health systems and commercial labs participate with Pierian in a medical interpretation sharing network to enhance the clinical actionability of the Pierian Knowledgebase and improve patient care in a rapidly evolving field.

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Webinar: Clinical Genomics Workspace

Accelerate Your NGS Testing with an End-to-End Integrated Workspace

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Bringing Next Generation Sequencing Testing In-House

Webinar: Bringing NGS Testing In-House

Learn how Dartmouth-Hitchcock and others have successfully brought next generation sequence testing in-house with PierianDx software and services.

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Webinar: Precision Oncology Roundtable: Ask the Experts about NGS-based Tumor Profiling

Panelists discuss the design of the assay, data analytics, and reasons behind their selection of the TST170 assay, and will share details of how it is being utilized within their organizations.

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"I knew that with the resources we had, there was no way to create something that would rival a system like the CGW. As we've set up reflex testing in various cancer types, we have been well supported to scale the massive undertaking..."

- Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD - Medical Director, University of Vermont Medical Center



“There's going to be a bottleneck in the professional component as well sometimes. Pierian allowed us to widen that bottleneck and to have more uniformity of reporting.”

- Eric Loo, MD - Asst. Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock


“We chose Pierian because their technology combined with expert scientific and clinical services will help accelerate TriCore’s ability to expand our NGS test offerings and provide enhanced clinically actionable information.

- Eric Carbonneau - Director Core Laboratory Operations, TriCore Reference Laboratories


“A new partnership with Pierian expands our reporting to include current clinical trials and up-to- the-minute treatment options, all linked to NorthShore’s Electronic Medical Record.”

- NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Center 2017 Annual Report


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