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IVD's Clinical Impact and Adoption

Oncologists depend on your IVD assay.
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The Benefits of Partnering with Pierian

Comprehensive Clinical Genomic Reporting with IVD-ready Content

Provide an out-of-the-box informatics solution that reduces complexity for your customers and automatically provides them with an actionable clinical genomics report using our regulatory approval ready, IVD-compliant software and knowledgebase.  

Rules-based Knowledgebase

Pair your NGS IVD assay with the richest source of rationalized medical interpretations and expertly curated genomic data, clinical practice guidelines, FDA/EMA approved therapies, and clinical trials. While most other vendors provide a variant lookup table, our rules-based knowledgebase,  which provides automatic classifications, ready-to-use interpretations, and support for all variant types, is an ideal combination of technology and human expertise to ensure that the clinical genomic report for your IVD assay is best in class.

Regularly Updated with Current Medical Findings

Provide the most accurate and comprehensive report via a regularly updated, IVD-ready knowledgebase based on the latest practice guidelines, genetic variant database content, expertly authored interpretations, and clinical trials information. This content is regularly updated using validated SOPs that are in compliance with ISO 13485 and FDA guidance regarding maintenance of genetic variant databases.

Best-in-class Reporting with Your Brand

Expand your brand, increase market impact, and effectively compete in the IVD marketplace with the best in class clinical genomic reporting solution.  Produce regulatory approved, easy-to- use, oncologist-ready reports that are built using our technology and leverage your brand.


Minimize the risky process of commercializing your assay by working with a partner -- Pierian -- who has the experience of working with regulatory agencies and other assay vendors to commercialize regulatory approved reporting solutions for their assays.

Privacy and Security via Multi-Deployment Models

Allay concerns regarding privacy and security based on the Pierian approach to information security, with well-established and robust policies based on regulations most relevant to the healthcare industry, including HiTRUST, HIPAA, CLIA, CAP, and GDPR. Pierian has the capability to offer either local or on-premise solutions which can also integrate your bioinformatics or secondary analysis workflows.

Provide an IVD solution that oncologists and patients can trust.

Deliver a report that makes a difference.

The combination of our comprehensive tumor profiling assays with Pierian’s variant interpretation and reporting solutions provides customers with a seamless experience.

Executive Vice President of Clinical Genomics at major commercial assay vendor


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