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PierianDx Clinical Genomics Knowledgebase


Next Generation Knowledge.

Innovative technology, human expertise, and a clinical data sharing network: Clinical Genomics Knowledgebase enables you to identify and classify variants with confidence to help patients get the right answer the first time.

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The World's Most Clinically Robust Genomics Knowledgebase

Genomic Variant Interpretations that are Clinically Derived
Somatic Genes Curated
Sequence Coverage
Inferencing Rules

The Pierian Knowledgebase is not a variant lookup table. It's built on the foundation of a powerful rules engine that accurately delivers the richest set of rationalized medical interpretations from our clinical customers and Genomic Interpretation Services team, as well as expertly curated genomic data, clinical practice guidelines, FDA therapeutics, and clinical trials.

Rapid and Accurate

In addition to expertly curated sources such as NCCN/ASCO guidelines, FDA therapies, clinical trials, and published literature, our partner sharing network allows for the comparison of classifications and interpretations across medical directors at one or more sites. This unique aspect of the Pierian KnowledgeBase enables the use of real-world evidence to make knowledge assertions more rapidly and accurately. 


The Pierian Knowledgebase encompasses over 10 megabases of sequence coverage (ten million genomic variants) and supports all variant types (eg. single nucleotide variants, insertions/deletions, copy number variants, and structural variants) for somatic cancer and germline applications, making it the most comprehensive genomic knowledgebase available.

Medically Powered

All shared genomic interpretations in the Pierian Knowledgebase are expertly curated by our clinical customers or Interpretation Services team with an acute focus on their impact for clinical care. Each interpretation has medical oversight by our board certified Medical Director or is signed out directly by a board certified molecular pathologist or clinical geneticist.  


With real-time publishing of medical interpretations and weekly updates to industry guidelines, FDA therapies and clinical trials, the Pierian Knowledgebase contains the most up-to-date and clinically actionable information for next generation sequencing data.

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Where do Pierian Clinical Interpretations Come From?

Over 100 leading health systems and commercial labs participate with Pierian in a medical interpretation sharing network to enhance the clinical actionability of the Pierian Knowledgebase and improve patient care in a rapidly evolving field.

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Analyzing Complex Genomic Variants Image

Webinar: Analyzing Complex Genomic Variants in Somatic Cancer

This webinar provides practical strategies for the analysis of complex genomic alterations such as co-occurring variants, splice-site mutations, and gene fusions.

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Webinar: Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer

Shalini Verma, MD, FCAP - Medical Director and Laboratory Director, PierianDx

Andy Bredemeyer, PhD - VP of Product, PierianDx

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Insights Paper: Standardizing Genomic Testing into Clinical Pathways

Learn about the benefits associated with integrating genomic medicine into clinical pathways, along with approaches for pilot programs and recommendations for developing a testing framework.

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PierianDx Clinical Genomics Knowledgebase

"I knew that with the resources we had, there was no way to create something that would rival a system like the CGW. As we've set up reflex testing in various cancer types, we have been well supported to scale the massive undertaking..."

- Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD - Medical Director, University of Vermont Medical Center



“There's going to be a bottleneck in the professional component as well sometimes. Pierian allowed us to widen that bottleneck and to have more uniformity of reporting.”

- Eric Loo, MD - Asst. Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock


“We chose Pierian because their technology combined with expert scientific and clinical services will help accelerate TriCore’s ability to expand our NGS test offerings and provide enhanced clinically actionable information.

- Eric Carbonneau - Director Core Laboratory Operations, TriCore Reference Laboratories


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