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PierianDx Hires Healthcare IT, Analytics Pioneer as CEO

Josh Forsythe
May 24th, 2018

MAY 24, 2018 -- ST. LOUIS -- PierianDx, the leader in clinical genomics solutions, announced today that it has appointed Michael L. Sanderson as Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Board. In his new role, Sanderson will execute on the company’s strategy to integrate PierianDx’s unique value proposition for molecular labs into the broader precision medicine and healthcare delivery markets.

Sanderson has over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, focusing most recently on healthcare analytics, big data, and working with top Electronic Health Record (EHR) and health IT companies. As a result, he possesses a keen understanding of how and where omics data fits commercially into our chaotic healthcare system to deliver the best, most efficient care to patients.

“We are happy to welcome Michael, who comes at an exciting time in our progression as a company and in the field of precision medicine,” said Rakesh Nagarajan, Founder and Executive Chairman at PierianDx. “As more hospitals and medical centers move their next generation sequencing (NGS) testing in house, Sanderson and the medical and scientific leadership at PierianDx will provide the expertise and best practices to help these labs achieve success with their precision medicine programs.”

Sanderson’s appointment complements a diverse leadership team who has the breadth and expertise to help institutions bring their NGS testing operations in house and develop precision medicine programs that drive better care for patients and reduced costs for our healthcare system. Sanderson joins recent hires, Chris Callahan, Chief Commercial Officer; Shalini Verma, MD, PhD, Medical Director; and a team of medical, scientific, engineering, implementation, and customer success specialists who already work with customers to execute well-planned NGS testing programs that deliver actionable insights for patients on a daily basis.

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