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PierianDx Partners with ScienceVision to Bring Robust Precision Medicine Support to Southeast Asia

Josh Forsythe
May 13th, 2018

MAY 14, 2018 -- ST. LOUIS -- PierianDx, the leading clinical genomics technology company that enables precision medicine, announced today that it has executed a distribution agreement with ScienceVision, a leading provider of end-to-end genomic solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Under the partnership, ScienceVision will commercialize and distribute the PierianDx Clinical Genomics Workspace™ (CGW) platform for clinical genomic informatics, classification, interpretation, and clinical reporting. Hospitals, cancer centers, and genomic laboratories throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia will now have access to PierianDx’s CGW platform for clinical genomic analysis and insight.

“We are proud and honored to partner with ScienceVision to distribute our precision medicine enabling platform,” said BG Jones, Senior Vice President of Business Development at PierianDx. “We welcome the opportunity to deliver CGW with ScienceVision to extend PierianDx’s global network of customers.”

ScienceVision is the leading provider of genomic solutions in the Asia Pacific region with strong partnerships with Illumina, ArcherDx, Perkin Elmer and others. The partnership with PierianDx will allow ScienceVision to offer a complete solution including sequencer, assay, clinical genomic analysis and reporting.

“We look forward to working with PierianDx to bring their clinical genomics technology to customers in Southeast Asia. ”Our deep knowledge of next generation sequencing for patients makes us ideally suited to market and commercialize the PierianDx system,” said Bennar Foong, General Manager at ScienceVision.

About PierianDx
Every year another 14 million people bet their lives on precision medicine. PierianDx is on a mission to make sure that bet pays off. At PierianDx we empower progressive health institutions and diagnostic laboratories to build world-class precision medicine programs. Our industry-leading molecular genomics technologies and expertise deliver the most integrated, trusted, and collaborative approach across the clinical care spectrum. From genomic sequencing and biomedical informatics in the laboratory to reporting and decision support at the patient’s bedside, we drive the adoption of genomics in clinical care and accelerate the fight against cancer and other diseases.

About ScienceVision
Founded in 2007, ScienceVision focuses on increasing utilization of genomic technologies by creating ecosystems that combine molecular biology, next generation sequencing, and genome informatics. By partnering with industry leaders such as Illumina, PerkinElmer, Sophia Genetics, and now PierianDx, ScienceVision catalyzes the adoption of technologies to fuel the life sciences market. A deep understanding of market requirements and the brands they represent has made ScienceVision one of the most reputable scientific solution providers in the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit

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