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PierianDx to Unveil Blueprint for Bringing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Testing In-house at Executive War College

Josh Forsythe
April 3rd, 2018

The drive to deliver precision medicine has galvanized many hospitals to in-source next generation sequencing (NGS) testing. Yet for hospital labs just getting started, the process can be overwhelming. They must build the business case for bringing test in-house and devise effective reimbursement strategies. At the same time, they must fully understand and learn to navigate Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines and build workflows and an ecosystem that can support their sample volumes now and into the future.

Even hospital labs that are already performing NGS testing in-house face challenges. They must maintain their compliance status with a high level of quality and continue to codify best practices. And now, with many machine learning technology algorithms, they must strike a balance between what tasks are automated and what tasks necessitate human involvement.  The challenges seem endless.

At PierianDx, we think about these challenges every day and how we can help labs address them. We will be at the upcoming Executive War College conference in New Orleans, May 1-2 to discuss these challenges and how to overcome them. Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan, CEO, PierianDx, and Dr. Eric Loo, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, will present “Bringing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Tests into Your Hospital Lab.”

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