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Aeon Clinical Laboratories Leverages Pierian Bioinformatics Platform to Enhance Genomic Test Offering

Josh Forsythe
October 13th, 2015

ST LOUIS, MO/GAINSVILLE, GA – Pierian, the forerunner in clinical genomic informatics, and Aeon Clinical Laboratories, one of the fastest growing clinical labs in the country, announced today a partnership that will launch an expanded hereditary cancer panel to Aeon customers.

Under the agreement, Aeon will utilize the Pierian Clinical Genomicist Workstation™ to streamline genomic testing for hereditary cancer, in addition to professional services offered by Pierian. The expanded hereditary cancer panel will be offered to oncologist and their patients through Aeon’s nationwide distribution network.

“We are excited to open our newest division here at Aeon,” said Shawn Desai, Aeon’s Chief Technology Officer. “As the first clinical hereditary cancer genomics facility in the southeast of the United States, Aeon can now harness this powerful tool to help guide a physician’s treatment of their patients’ predisposition to hereditary cancer.”

Aeon, one of the fastest growing labs in the country, has a 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Gainesville, Georgia. Aeon’s genomic testing has expanded quickly along with the growth of personalized, precision medicine. Aeon’s next generation sequence testing, branded the Cancer Detect Profile, provides information on a range of hereditary cancers that details the connection between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their risk of developing certain prevalent cancers.

“Our highly qualified biologists and chemists are very passionate about changing people’s lives within all of our diagnostic divisions,” said Zachary Husk, Aeon’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Aeon can now help prevent cancer by diagnosing patients’ likelihood of developing hereditary cancer. Our team is changing the face of global health everyday.”

“Clinical labs like Aeon are on the forefront of the personalized medicine movement and they need a partner like Pierian who can facilitate that growth,” said Pierian CEO Ted Briscoe. “This partnership is a great testament to the power of our bioinformatics platform, the Clinical Genomicist Workstation, to accelerate genomic testing for reference labs throughout the country.”

Aeon is one of a growing number of commercial labs and healthcare providers standardizing on Pierian’s CGW platform.

About Pierian

Pierian enables clinical labs to deliver patient-specific diagnosis and treatments based on an individual’s DNA. In use since 2011, and regularly enhanced with new patient, clinical and research data, Pierian’s proprietary Clinical Genomicist Workstation software provides clinical labs everything they need to manage their next-generation sequencing processes. For more information, please visit or @PierianDx on Twitter.

About Aeon Clinical Laboratories

AEON Clinical Laboratories is a growing comprehensive and efficient clinical laboratory using state of the art testing equipment. Based in Gainesville, Georgia, AEON emphasizes technology innovation. AEON has developed proprietary methodologies that provide some of the fastest and most reliable urine and oral fluid (saliva) test results in the nation. AEON provides health care professionals with four primary tests: Medical Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics, Cancer Genetic Testing, and Molecular Biology. As announced on August 25, 2015, AEON Clinical Laboratories and Authentidate have entered into a non-binding letter of intent to combine. The companies continue to work together to complete the definitive agreement for the transaction and anticipate closing the combination transaction in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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