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Cleveland Clinic Joins Pierian’s Customer Network to Accelerate Precision Medicine

Josh Forsythe
October 17th, 2017

Pierian announced today that Cleveland Clinic will utilize its integrated “one space” workflow and analysis solution, Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW), to advance precision medicine for patients.

“We are excited that Cleveland Clinic has joined our expanding customer network,” said Pierian CEO Ted Briscoe. “Clinical labs everywhere are recognizing that advancing precision medicine demands a comprehensive platform capable of handling a wide range of constitutional and somatic assays that is easily integrated into their existing enterprise ecosystem.”

By joining the Pierian customer network, Cleveland Clinic can access the shared constitutional and somatic genomic data within CGW’s knowledgebase, a robust database comprised of millions of biomedical findings driven by public and highly curated sources.

“Genomic data sharing and collaboration have become increasingly essential to producing clinically actionable outcomes for patients,” noted Rakesh Nagarajan, Chief Biomedical Informatics Officer for Pierian. “More customers like Cleveland Clinic contributing to our knowledgebase will amplify the intelligence of our platform that is constantly updated with the latest curated publications, population frequency data, FDA drug label and treatment guidelines, and reported disease variants.”

About Pierian

Pierian enables clinical labs to deliver patient-specific diagnosis and treatments based on an individual’s DNA for cancers and hereditary diseases. Utilizing Pierian’s comprehensive and integrated “one space” workflow and analysis solution, Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW), clinical labs create more streamlined and accurate analysis, interpretation, and reporting needed to accelerate their personalized medicine programs. For more information, please visit or @PierianDx on Twitter.

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