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New company, Velsera, represents Summa Equity's vision to improve global health outcomes

January 12th, 2023

Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm, 12 January 2023 - New company Velsera was announced today at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, California. The vision for Velsera is supported by thematic-focused impact fund Summa Equity (“Summa”).

The promise of precision medicine is held back by barriers across routine health practice and discovery. Existing companies offer partial solutions, but no single company enables the unlocking of insights waiting to be revealed inside data - the status quo is siloed and disconnected. Velsera enables the democratization of omic data across clinical and research applications.

Velsera transforms science, technology, and informatics into an ecosystem of insight, making data actionable through the integration of a rich software platform, deep domain expertise, and knowledge that accelerate the pace and potential of multi-omics. Velsera sets out to amplify the impact of clinicians, researchers and scientists for the benefit of patients around the world. 

Velsera’s initial formation comes with the acquisition of three global, industry-leading companies in the healthcare and life science industries: Pierian, Seven Bridges, and UgenTec. Velsera unites these companies to advance and bring together their missions which are centered around improving health globally through multi-omics and insights. The integrated business will remain actively engaged with existing customers, enhance current offerings, accelerate new offerings, and bring integrated solutions to market as the leading provider of global omics and insights.


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