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PierianDx Announces Partnership with Cancer Genetics to Provide Comprehensive Precision Oncology Testing and Workflow Solution

Josh Forsythe
March 14th, 2018

PierianDx, the leading genomics technology company that enables precision medicine programs and molecular testing for healthcare organizations, announced today a partnership with Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI) (Nasdaq: CGIX) to provide a comprehensive precision oncology testing and workflow solution to enhance patient care. CGI is a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology through molecular markers and diagnostics.

The partnership combines CGI's Focus::NGS® offering, a suite of next generation sequencing (NGS) tests providing a comprehensive view of the patient genomic profile for both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, with PierianDx's integrated NGS workflow and analysis solution, Clinical Genomics WorkSpace™ (CGW), allowing for streamlined and accurate analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

"By partnering with PierianDx to offer a comprehensive solution for precision oncology, we will be able to guide a physician's therapeutic strategy for patients based on refined data from powerful genomic tests, thereby delivering on the potential of personalized medicine,” said John A. “Jay” Roberts, interim CEO for CGI. “The combined capabilities allow physicians to seamlessly link the genetic profile of each patient to approved therapies and clinical trials, enabling the potential for improved outcomes.”

"CGI's suite of tests combined with PierianDx’s technology and services will help accelerate molecular diagnostics for cancer patients." said Rakesh Nagarajan, PierianDx founder and CEO. "Fulfilling the promise of precision medicine requires this type of valuable partnership."

Nagarajan noted that the partnership will produce actionable clinical insights and reports for pathologists and oncologists utilizing both PierianDx interpretation services and CGW’s KnowledgeSpace™, which cultivates and curates billions of biomedical findings, expanding its intelligence with each use.

The KnowledgeSpace™ includes curated variant classification guidelines by the Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). PierianDx’s board-certified molecular pathologists and medical geneticists will further review cases to make assessments on medical meaningfulness of variants. This information will include recommended therapeutic options, more aggressive or conservative disease monitoring, as well as recommended clinical trials, each of which offered in the appropriate clinical context. The personnel reviewing the cases can also be available to participate in molecular tumor boards or to consult directly with the patient's treating physician.

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