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UVA to use PierianDx Platform to Analyze, Report on Cancer Patients’ Genome Data

Josh Forsythe
February 23rd, 2015

ST LOUIS, MO and CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – PierianDx announced today that the University of Virginia Health System has joined the network of leading academic medical centers and hospital systems using PierianDx’s genetic testing software and services.

For clinical labs seeking to offer next generation sequencing, PierianDx provides a robust, completely integrated and seamless platform. PierianDx’s technology features a fast-growing and powerful knowledgebase that informs personalized diagnosis.

The University of Virginia is leveraging PierianDx’s expertise and proprietary software to analyze patients’ tumor genome data and produce smart, actionable reports. UVA is using PierianDx’s platform to classify, interpret and report on genes in the Illumina TruSight Tumor assay.

About PierianDx

PierianDx enables clinical labs to deliver patient-specific diagnosis and treatments based on an individual’s DNA. In use since 2011, and constantly growing with new patient and clinical and research data, PierianDx’s proprietary Clinical Genomicist Workstation software, knowledgebases, IT backbone and workflow management tools provide clinical labs everything they need to manage their next-generation sequencing processes. For more information, please visit or @PierianDx on Twitter.

About the University of Virginia Health System

The University of Virginia Health System is an academic health care center associated with the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. The health system includes a medical center, school of medicine, and health sciences library. For more information, please visit

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