Revenue Cycle Management

Reimbursement should be a forethought, planned
during assay validation.

Does your institution need help navigating the reimbursement landscape of your NGS project?

Guarantee Financial & Clinical Success


Reimbursement strategy based on region & assay


Planning for Medicare coverage by region


MolDx dossiers & tech assessment support

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Assay launch preparation support


Expert consultation every step of the way

Plan Reimbursement Before Launching Your Program


Expert Consultation

  • Medicare MAC/Payer Mix Analysis
  • Review & Optimize Prior Authorization Workflow
  • Payor Templates: Pre-authorizations, appeals by level, letter of medical necessity
  • Expert Consultation: ICD-10 coding options & CLFS Coding Options by Assay
  • Up to 150 hours of total project support

Collaboration on MolDx Packages & Market Access Dossiers

  • Analytical Validity, Clinical Validation Summary for NGS Solid Tumors or Myeloid Malignancies or Hereditary Germline testing cancer panels
  • Technical Assessment Submission Checklist and Questionnaire
  • Validation Sample Level Data Spreadsheet Master List

Assay Launch Preparation Support

  • Assay Overview, Description & Summary Creation by Assay
  • Patient Financial Assistance Program Review
  • Sub Panels/Disease Specific Tests Review
  • IT/RCM Integration Overview
  • Payor Contracting Review
  • Pricing Review

As NGS-based testing grows, NGS coverage and payment become critical drivers of adoption. 

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