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The Personalized Diagnostics Podcast

March 18th, 2020

Sequencing technology advances, such as comprehensive profiling assays, lower costs, and improved reimbursement continue to drive the adoption of clinical next generation sequencing. Organizations, such as Foundation Medicine, provide comprehensive NGS tests and resulting reports that physicians can order for patients with solid tumors. However, an increasing number of academic medical centers and healthcare organizations are opting to internalize their NGS testing program because it gives them greater control over tissue, turnaround time, and it provides more opportunity for interaction between ordering physicians and those running the tests. 

Arriving at the decision to build an internal NGS test menu is often the first hurdle for healthcare organizations. What comes next can be even more challenging.

Rakesh Nagarajan, MD, PhD, Founder and Executive Chairman PierianDx, recently sat down with Joseph Anderson, MD, The Personalized Diagnostics Podcast, to discuss the advent of personalized medicine and what it will take to make clinical NGS a routine part of healthcare. In particular, Rakesh and Joe discuss:

  • How the industry is shifting to larger (50+ gene) panels
  • How to think about bringing a test online and addressing complex components, such as validation
  • How to address the variant interpretation bottleneck

To learn more, listen to the podcast.


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