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    2 min
    Employee Spotlight: Dr. Renee Sears, Clinical Genomics Specialist
    Our Employee Spotlight shines a light on the uniqueness of the
    2 min
    Pierian Hackathon: 2021
    “It’s funny what a good hackathon can do,” remarked Ankita Parikh,
    1 min
    Making Genomics the Standard of Care in Community Cancer Centers
    According to recent estimates, almost 80% of cancer patients (1,2) in
    2 min
    Enabling High-Throughput Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
    Comprehensive genomic profiling is emerging as a powerful tool in our
    2 min
    Enabling Targeted Sequencing with Minimal Complexity
    Next generation sequencing continues to gain traction as a standard
    Voices of Leaders Interview with Rakesh Nagarajan
    What is the one thing we must do if we are to give complex disease a
    1 min
    Enabling Liquid Biopsy with Minimal Complexity
    Precision medicine continues to gain traction, and increasingly,
    1 min
    The Personalized Diagnostics Podcast
    Sequencing technology advances, such as comprehensive profiling
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    Visit Pierian at ACMG 2019
    Pierian will be highlighting germline features of its genomics
    12 min
    Addressing Common Barriers to Clinical NGS Testing
    Genomic tests that use next generation sequencing (NGS) technology
    5 min
    Why Are Other Healthcare Institutions Bringing Clinical NGS Testing In-House?
    In just under 15 years, next generation sequencing (NGS) has evolved
    The Hurdles of Making Clinical Sequencing a Reality
    At PierianDx, we are well-versed in helping healthcare organizations
    5 min
    We Know Precision Medicine: Bryce Daines
    Precision medicine is the ability to use genomic information to
    2 min
    AMP 2018
    Join us October 31- November 3 at the Association for Molecular
    5 min
    We Know Precision Medicine: Lisa Owen
    Precision medicine is the ability to use genomic information to
    2 min
    CAP Distributive Model of NGS Testing
    Are you considering offering clinical NGS testing or looking for an
    6 min
    We Know Precision Medicine: Shalini Verma, Laboratory and Medical Director
    We Know Precision Medicine is a series of blog posts and articles
    A Guide for the Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer
    Recently we hosted a webinar in which Medical Director, Shalini
    5 min
    We Know Precision Medicine: Rakesh Nagarajan
    "We Know Precision Medicine" is a series of blog posts and articles
    2 min
    University of Alabama takes a Dogged Approach to Precision Medicine
    In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 700,000 people living with a
    2 min
    HIMSS18 Round-up: Why the Time for Precision Medicine is Now
    by Brad Herrick, PierianDx Like most people who have been going to