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Pierian and Syapse Collaborate with Health Systems, Leveraging Data to Power Precision Oncology

June 15th, 2022

ST. LOUIS, June 15, 2022 --Pierian®, a global leader in advanced clinical genomics technology and services, announced with Syapse®, a leading real-world evidence company, a new joint collaboration that will benefit patients of the AdventHealth Cancer Institute in Central Florida. The collaboration combines Pierian’s leading-edge clinical genomics workflow, and precision medicine services with Syapse’s real-world evidence solutions designed to improve outcomes for patients with cancer.

The partnership will enable AdventHealth clinicians to offer more comprehensive diagnostics for oncology patients in Central Florida allowing for more personalized treatment options due to improved capabilities to identify known and emerging biomarkers critical for cancer treatment and progression. It will also enable more efficient identification of clinical trials and treatment options for patients based on their molecular testing results and similar patients in the Syapse Learning Health Network (LHN). Pierian and Syapse will collaborate on optimizing AdventHealth’s internal genomic testing capabilities for all patients who may benefit to improve the actionable insights gathered from test orders and genomic results allowing a deeper understanding of the relationship between these insights and real patient outcomes. 

Pierian partners with clinicians and medical facilities worldwide to establish high-quality clinical genomics programs and a global sharing network. With advanced interpretation technology connected to the most comprehensive knowledge base, Pierian’s unique, adaptive learning algorithms make intelligent associations between comprehensive datasets and individual patient results. Post analysis and interpretation, clinical reports are easy to generate which empowers providers with genomic insights to fulfill the promise of precision care.

“At Pierian, we are laser-focused on driving clinical adoption of next-generation sequencing worldwide,” said Lindsay Mateo, CBO of Pierian.  “Our collaboration with AdventHealth and Syapse allows patients in Central Florida to benefit from local, comprehensive genomic testing supported by Pierian. The clinical picture for each patient is strengthened when all patient datasets are combined and leveraged through the Syapse LHN.”

Syapse’s oncology platform enables precision medicine across large health systems, placing the power of real-world evidence in the hands of oncologists, allowing them to consider how specific treatments have worked for patients around the country, and to make more informed decisions about the treatment journey of their own patients.

“Increasingly, cancer care is tailored not just to the primary cancer type, but to the uniqueness of each person – a result of the transformative insights in genetics and genomics,” said Thomas Brown, MD, MBA, chief medical officer of Syapse. “But making the most of these insights means having enough data to achieve the precision patients expect, that’s why bringing in real-world data that goes beyond a single health care delivery site is so vitally important.”

Together, this collaboration brings together the complementary strengths of three leaders in precision oncology, genetic testing, and real-world evidence creating new opportunities for better insights and outcomes for cancer patients.

About Pierian

Pierian is a partner in precision medicine, enabling clinicians and medical facilities to advance clinical genomics programs and modernize patient care. We believe in the potential of genomics to transform human health and are working to ensure that communities anywhere can experience the benefits. With advanced interpretation technology connected to the most comprehensive genomic knowledge base, Pierian empowers providers with genomic insights to fulfill the promise of precision care. For more information, visit

About Syapse 

Syapse is a company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of oncology and other serious diseases by advancing real-world care. By marrying clinical expertise with smart technologies, we transform data into evidence—and then into experience—in collaboration with our network of partners, who are committed to improving patients’ lives through community health systems. Together, we connect comprehensive patient insights to our network, to empower our partners in driving real impact and improving access to high-quality care.

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